Support Our Library

Find out how you can support our library.

The New Hampton Public Library offers several opportunities for you to help improve and implement library services and programs.  Consider volunteering to help with  projects such as children's programs and open houses.  Volunteer to make treats, prepare craft materials, or make displays. If you have time to volunteer on a regular basis, choose a section of the library that interests you and spend 15 to 30 minutes a week straightening the shelves and seeing that the titles are in correct order.  By "adopting a shelf", you help others more easily find what they need.

You may also supplement the materials budget by making gifts in memory or in honor of a friend or family member.  The library has a regular line item in the budget for donations.  You may request a certain type of book or title to be placed in the collection.  If you wish, a book plate will be designed to recognize your gift.

In addition, there is the New Hampton Public Library Memorial Foundation in place.  Separate from regular library funds, the foundation is overseen by Bob Rigler, Kit O'Donohoe, Director Ipsen, and two library board members.  In the past, the foundation contributed $25,000 to replace the library's roof.